A review of the must-have gadgets in 2017 that you can buy online

2016 has been a great year from consumer electronics point of view. Many companies have launched some of the most exciting products that captured the audience’s eyes and became major selling products of 2016. From a small music player to a large television set, there came a stream of wonderful gadgets and the technologies which have never been seen before.

This is a review of the must-have gadgets in 2017 that you can buy online

1. The boogie board

The people who love to use paper pad and pen all the time should try this boogie board which is a writing LCD tablet for which there would be no pen and paper usage required. It can be used by kids, office workers, housewife hence all people can enjoy and take benefits from it. This device is compact, thin in size and can be utilized 50,000 times, and still it’s long lasting and keeps energy saved.

2. Looxcie

callcerter serviceIf you like to record videos, then the best to buy in 2017 is the looxcie digital camcorder; but it’s not your typical cam. In fact, it’s a small tool that resembles a bluetooth set; it just acts as a video recorder. Now, you don’t need to hold all heavy movie recording gadgets, just wear it like ear piece! It’s cool to have it.

3. Mp3 cap

You can gift an mp3 cap to your music loving friend in 2017 which is, in fact, a cap to be worn on the head as compared to other heavy mp3 devices. It’s packed with a micro sd card and can be easily recharged having a Li-ion battery, its memory is 2gb and has a sound processing chip, it can deliver 30 hours of nonstop music playback.

4. Hp touchsmart310

You can gift a very useful device which relates to productivity, that is hp touchsmart310 PC, which is world’s best touch desktop PC having built-in touch apps. It is an essential for home computing. Hence your desktop will not be a standard monitor and will be a touch screen with intelligent touch apps. Can be dragged applications, folders, photos, web content at anyplace. So there would be no use of the irritating mouse as well.

5. Blackberry torch

You can gift a smart blackberry torch to your friends and family members the year 2017. It’s pretty sliding smartphone; it has a 3.2 touchscreen, 5mp camera and 4gb storage, wi-fi connectivity; the phone looks nice and sophisticated.

6. Digital cameras

If you’re still carrying a 1 mp camera in 2016 or you just never made the switch to digital, there are some good values in digital cameras in 2017. If you want a professional SLR camera, then the Nikon d300 is the best overall value in digital cameras. It’s a 12 mp SLR that gets very high expert ratings and great user reviews. It’s a 7.1 mp compact camera with a 4x optical zoom and face technology but no image stabilization.